Season 1

To begin Season one, we have to go back to Fall of 2021.

In October 2021, there were promotional tokens sold: 

  • 100 Promo 1 (8ada)

  • 64 Delegator Tokens (8ada)

  • 444 Promo 2 tokens (8ada)

  • Promo 3 (Genesis Parts/Genesis) (15ada)

*OG holders needed to obtain both Promo 1 & 2 to be in the presale for Promo 3. ~850/1000 Promo 3 tokens were sold during the 15 minute pre-sale.

In November, those OG holders who owned 5 unique Genesis pieces were then able to make a colorful Genesis AdaNaut, burning the pieces. 


Due to major confusion with the Genesis as well as leadership changes, in February 2022 we migrated the genesis role to a new token.  All holders of a colorful Genesis (213) received an airdrop of a new unique Adanaut Prototype and a Genesis Antidote. The Genesis Antidote is the whitelist ticket to the mint and also holds future value in the project.


At the beginning of March..


Our Trading Station will be opening up, allowing holders to trade in those early tokens that were minted on October 21’. 


We created the item Compound-G that will be swapped for these tokens. A breakdown on how the trading for Compound-G can be found below:













Collecting five pieces of compound G will allow you to turn it in for a Genesis antidote, and grants the holder a whitelist position. There will only be 300 Genesis antidotes ever created. Our first volume of our prologue will be released with the community picking the name of our main character.  We will also have a naming ceremony allowing the community to pick the names of our remaining characters as well as teasers for the mint, coinciding with volume two of our prologue.


We are planning on minting 7,777 NFTs at the end of May with everything going to plan with price of 6o Ada private and 80 ada for public.

Trading station pg1.png
Compound-G Ultraviolet.png

Policy ID: 35daf744ddb76d253a5721dd2d109e58e33c7b78bf8379a8a102066f

Policy ID: 557d679f00020d6dbf1f6d0609789de1c89992a59e242a44baa88694

What to expect after the mint..

In season one we are creating a community-based storyline and we are going to need the community's help in choosing the right path. Choosing the right path? Yes, each character will have a specific title. This title is very important!  The title is one attribute that the holder will be choosing, as well as where the character will be exploring. Well you may ask, why does this matter?  We are going to be air dropping compound items that the holders will be able to use. You will also need to gain a formula to be able to craft these compounded items into different grades of antidotes or serums.
These compound items are going to be so specific to the areas that the holders choose the Adanauts to go into. Airdrops will happen after each chapter is released. WE WILL NOT TELL YOU WHEN THE AIRDROPS/SNAPSHOTS WILL HAPPEN, as we do not want to influence the market. It’s up to the holder to be aware of what's going on and ANY LOST AIRDROPS ITEMS WILL NOT BE REPLACED. 
Ex: Community chooses a character, let's call him George. The community wants George to go into the Jungle. The community also picks the “Public Servant” title for George. After the chapter is released, certain George's who are Public Servants will receive an airdrop of a compound item specifically from the Jungle.

Chapters will be released once or twice a month. Season one is projected to be 6-12 chapters long, as it really depends on how the holders choose. Once you collect all the specific compound items that match the formula, you’ll be able to turn them in to be burned and will receive your antidote or serum matching the formula. Antidotes have the highest successful transformation percentage. While serums have the lowest successful transformation percentage and a higher transmutation percentage. There are multiple grades of antidotes and serums. These grades offer different success percentages and some may offer additional unknown perks within the grade. 
Later in the season, you’ll be able to submit an Adanaut with either an antidote or serum to be consumed...
What happens after these items are consumed? Well, that’s for another day.


There will only be a possible 500 antidotes and 500 serums in existence (300 antidotes reserved for Genesis).

* Aspects of Season 1 are subjected to change to adapting and any evolving circumstances.