Adam's Story - Genesis

It seemed like any other ordinary morning when Adam woke.  The date was Tuesday April 2, 2034 on a sunny day in Dacono, Colorado (a northern suburb of Denver).  Just as usual, he was awakened by the sound of birds chirping outside his window and the robust smell of black coffee, which his wife was brewing downstairs.  Adam stretched his limbs as he tasted his stale morning breath.  For this day, he chose to lay spread out on his bed for a while.  He pondered the upcoming day’s events as he played them through his mind.  Although it seemed like an ordinary day from an external glance, it was far from that.  Adam was scheduled to complete his final mission of Adanaut training today. He had worked intensely throughout his 10-year campaign and now at age 32, he was on the cusp of successfully completing the most rigorous special operations training, known to man.  


Adanauts is a secret society of handpicked and highly trained militant space travelers, guardians, and intellectuals.  They are called upon to undertake the most mentally and physically demanding missions, necessary for the preservation and protection of the human race and its sustainability.  For years, the ideology of space travel had been studied.  In this day and age, when interplanetary travel has become possible, creating and monitoring conditions for sustaining life on other planets has become a reality and is one of the specific responsibilities of the Adanauts.  Defense has also become paramount.  Humans have come to know more about a multitude of existing alien races, while those beings have also come to know more about humans.  Interaction between intelligent species have become frequent occurrences and at times, situations have grown quite tense.  Specializations have been ongoingly developed and refined to equip the Adanauts with the means and tools necessary to repel alien intrusion on earth and other planets being studied for inhabitation.   In present day training, candidates to the program develop and refine their expertise in interplanetary military tactics, crowd control, general science, propulsion, chemistry, physics, rocketry, weaponry, environmental science, and communications.  As technologies have evolved over time so have the weaponry, tools and training of the Adanauts.


It is widely believed by those who are aware of the special force that their inception is rooted back to even before recorded history.  Some speculate that certain aspects of Adanaut training even occurred over 30,000 years ago, where monochromatic cave paintings that were found in Spain suggest that even early man had been visited by aliens.  It is further suggested through the interpretation of the images that early man had to learn to cohabitate with friendly visitors and expel those who were unfriendly from their own occupied territories.  Other evidence of early Adanaut and alien encounters has also been found in 4,000 year old ruins in early Druid territories in Europe and other signs were seemingly hidden and discovered inside the center chambers of the Great Pyramids in Cairo Egypt.  


With modern day earthly travel being made so widely available over the past hundred years, those responsible for screening and selecting candidates to the Adanaut program have a much easier time recruiting and coordinating missions across the globe and beyond.  Adam was selected by the Administration when he was merely 22 years of age.  It was his thirst for knowledge, peak physicality and athleticism, fierce determination, intelligence, compassion, and purity of heart that led the Adanauts to him.


Today, Adam would embark upon a solo journey, piloting Space-X’s Hades M.7.  The ship has been in operation for three years and has been used in both planetary and interplanetary missions to neighboring solar systems.  It is a spacecraft that is thought to have the capability of bending space and time, while reaching 2X the speed of light through manipulation of the interstellar electromagnetic fields.  Adam did not intend to stray from the task at hand for his mission and wanted to focus solely upon what was required of him, without showboating and pushing the ship to uncertain limits.  As he lay in bed, he thought this mission to finalize his piloting credential is simple.  He will be traveling just beyond the Kuiper Belt to dock with another Adanaut ship to deliver molecular compounds to help propagate life and terraform terrestrial features upon a distant uninhabited planet.  Adam is confident in his ability but the more he thought about it, the more nervous he became about flying alone for the first time.


He stretched again and shook out his limbs.  Just as any other morning, he walked into the bathroom and began his morning hygiene routine.  While in the midst, he caught a glance of his own eyes in the mirror and asked himself if he was crazy.  There was no response, as he gazed in his own brown eyes for a minute.  Snapping himself out of his trance, he finished getting ready and headed for the kitchen, where he heard the playful laughter of his children as they teased each other about their grade school crushes, while they finished their breakfast.  He joined them playfully and downplayed the training mission.  As the minutes past, he started to become more consumed by his thoughts and was quieted a bit as he said goodbye to his children.  He lovingly kissed them each on the forehead as they left for the bus to school.  Adam’s wife, Donna was visibly nervous for him, which added to his mounting trepidation.  He knew he had to complete this mission and that his role as an Adanaut was for the overall good of humanity and the future security of mother earth herself.  


After Adam and Donna arrived at the launchpad facility and got out of the car, Donna held Adam more tightly than she ever had before.  This was partially to hide her tears in the tenderness of their embrace.  After a minute or two, the grasp released.  As Adam pulled away, he inhaled deeply as he always did to breathe in the fragrant, floral scent of his wife’s shampoo, which he loved so much.  He placed his hands on her shoulders and told her how much he loved her and the kids and promised to come home.  He turned and was immediately greeted with smiles by two men and a woman approaching to escort him.  All were dressed in finely tailored dark business suits.  They all turned around together as they walked Adam into the facility, where he was suited for the mission as final preparations were made on the ship.


It was go time!  Adam relaxed into his seat and flipped the appropriate switches, checked pressure gauges, altimeters and other instruments to ensure all systems were go.  He set the coordinates of the destination, gave a thumbs up to the administrators in the crow’s nest and another to the on-ground crew.  Visions of his wife and children rushed into his mind and played like a slideshow on fast forward as he heard the initiation of the countdown sequence…  …  3…2…1… ignition… blast off….  The sound of the takeoff was like the roar of a hundred jet engines.  The vibration rattled his teeth and eyes and made his cheeks wiggle like Jello.  He felt the push of the g-force weighing him heavily against the back of his seat as he could feel himself getting heavier and heavier as the ship launched straight up into the upper atmosphere. After about 20 seconds, the g-force ceased and Adam heard a loud clunking sound and knew that he was entering zero gravity and the first stage of his flying machine had just released.  He peered out the window as he and the blue marble upon which he sat minutes ago, grew more and more distant.  Adam engaged phase 2 of the mission and flipped the thrusters.  As he did, he felt the additional pressure of being pushed back into his seat again but this time, horizontally.  


As his ship tore through the vacuum of space, he wondered in amazement at the peace and tranquility that he felt overcome him.  During the journey, he thought much about the family he would see again soon.  He also pondered the importance of his role as an Adanaut as he envisioned his pinning ceremony, where he would be accompanied by his wife and loving children.  As he drifted farther and farther from home, he began to doze.  He tried to fight sleep as he did not want to miss a second of the experience.  His head began to bob.  He’d catch it and it would bob again.  Adam nodded off to sleep as the auto-piloted ship headed toward the pre-programmed coordinates.  


Suddenly, Adam was jolted awake, as a break in the quiet erupted with a deafening hum that changed from a low pitch, which rose to a crescendo and sunk to a low fidelity bass hum that was followed by an incredibly loud sound similar to that of opening a new can of tennis balls.  Adam’s ears began to ring in harmony with the eerie sound of the humming.  He was incredibly confused.  He knew that the noise wasn’t coming from inside the ship and that it wasn’t possible for noise to travel in space.  Befuddled, he looked out of the side windows then the front to see if he could figure out what was going on.  Outside the front window, he noticed changes in his darker than pitch surroundings.  The stars, normally still, seemed to dance to the low-pitched hum and the movement resembled that of seaweed on the surface of a wavy ocean.  This wasn’t right.  He knew it.  He tried to internalize his fear and confusion but couldn’t.  The next moment, he saw the edge of space to his right, fold over to the left as if a book was slammed shut as he heard an incredibly loud pop!  And then….




Nothing at all.


Everything went dark.  Everything went silent.  There were no smells.  There was no nothing.  Adam could feel his body, still in his seat but had become completely deprived of all other sensations.  He had no sense of time.  He had no sense of whether he was conscious.  He was utterly lost in space and time with no idea of what would become of him.


Confused, scared and alone he started to feel movement of his craft.  As he continued gazing out the empty windshield for God knows how long, out of nowhere, he saw the curvature of a large planet begin to appear before him. The planet was of a red hue and had a strange dark spiral in the center of it.  Adam squinted tightly and came back to his senses.  He reviewed the gauges and found his ship to be very low on power. He wasn’t sure how long the combination of energy and fuel would last and seeing no way out of this situation, he decided to let the alien planet’s gravitational pull on him do the work to conserve the power he would need to land.  He had no choice.  He had no idea where he was but knew that he was not on course.  As he drifted toward the planet, he continued to wonder what the hell folded onto his craft and where the hell had it taken him. 


As he approached closer and closer, he could tell that there were inhabitants of this foreign planet.  The occupants here were obviously civilized as he could see various features that appeared to be constructed and layouts of certain areas seemed similar to how cities were arranged at home.  As he drew closer, he was able to make sure to guide his ship far away from whatever the black spiral was and toward an area that did not seem too heavily populated.  As he drifted, he felt the jerk of the ship’s loss of power as the lights inside the ship turned red and a power failure message populated the screen in front of him.


The ship began free-falling as it no longer had the power to steady itself with the planet’s gravitational pull.  Adam’s ship began to plummet like a fireball hurdling toward a vacant area of the sphere.  The pilot did his best to support himself as he braced for impact.  The ship shook violently as it approached the surface and in one instant it was stopped by a terrible crash against the rugged, red terrain. Upon impact, Adam’s head slammed into the control panel in front of him and he instantly felt the blood streaming from his forehead. He reached up with his fingers to survey his unquestionable damage.  He gasped as he looked down at the blood and grew even more disoriented than the concussive blow left him with what he saw.  The substance looked nothing akin to human blood.  It was both the consistency and color of grape jelly.  What made matters far worse was that as he mentally evaluated what he was seeing, he couldn’t help but notice that the fingers upon which the blood had rested were elongated and green as the feathers of a parrot.  Within seconds, he felt a strange sensation on his forehead as if someone laid a finger on the wound and gently ran it along the injury.  The wound mysteriously closed and the leakage has stopped.  “What the….” Adam thought to himself.


Adam became dizzy and nauseated as his vision began to blur and he entered a dazed state of confusion, while he drifted in and out of consciousness.  He raised his gaze moments later and noticed a strange silhouette of someone (or some thing) rushing toward him. Baffled by the realization of the abundance of life on this strange and unknown planet, coupled with what he had witnessed with his self-examination, Adam became even more utterly perplexed.  His eyes shut again, as he returned to his unconscious state.


The next thing Adam realized was that he was standing entirely naked inside a large hollow hallway that seemed to be limitless. He lowered his eyes to his grounded extremities and pinched himself to see if he was in a dream.  He was not.  His legs were elongated and as green as his fingers and where his manhood once rested, was now only occupied by an androgynous mannequin-like mound.  He reached up with his hands to evaluate his head since he was unable to see in any reflective surfaces.  He found that it had become twice as wide as it had been prior to the accident and the structure of his eyeballs were now 10 times the size they once were.  He felt around and realized that he also no longer had a nose and there were only little openings where his prominent ears once sat.  His appearance now resembled a narrow and linear cartoon character with drastically stretched out limbs.  Adam was lost in confusion and was torn by what seemed to be happening.  He continued to try convincing himself it was all a dream within a dream.  That didn’t work.


As he stood, alone wondering about what had occurred, two large headed, greyish beings entered the room and dried him with cold air.  They dressed him in a white rubbery suit that felt strange, although it was oddly comfortable and unexpectedly form fitting to his new proportions.


As the greyish figures departed, two yellow fleshed, red-horned creatures, who appeared to be armed with some sort of futuristic weaponry entered silently and gestured to Adam to move.  As they led him to a cellar whose door slowly slid open after one of the beings appeared to scan his flesh composition in a biometric device, he caught a glimpse of his new reflection.  He was mortified by what he saw but knew it wasn’t something he could change in his current plight. As Adam entered the cellar, the sight of the corridor perplexed him even more than his own appearance did.  Everything he could see was the same dull gray matte finish.  There were no joints on any of the surfaces and it appeared to be one continuous wall on each side, upon which, small windows were situated every 15 feet.  As he was led, he heard murmurs of voices, not through his ears but in his mind.  He could not ascertain what they were saying but was befuddled by the meshing of multiple voices.  While traversing the dark hallway, he looked into other cells and saw other creatures that somewhat resembled a similarly gangly form that he had assumed over the due course of the last few hours.  At once, the guards stopped and turned to the right.  Immediately, the metallic composition of the wall separated and a door-sized opening appeared.  Adam was directed into a nearly featureless small room that was equipped with only a steel table and small hole in the floor.


Adam tried to scream in the face of his yellow escorts that, “I’m not like you! I don’t belong here.”  However, it was as if his voice had been snatched out of his mouth and only random, mutated, incomprehensible sounds came out in a slow, steady and even pitch.  He thought he heard someone utter, “they don’t care”.  He was entirely convinced of that as he further questioned his sanity.  “I’m not alone! This can’t be happening” were the last thoughts that came to his mind before the creatures that led him to the confinement did an about face and left Adam as the opening in the confinement closed upon itself.  Oddly, he heard murmurs of the voices again, which seemingly answered him, “you are not alone”, “don’t give in”, “we are here”.  


He felt defeated and sunk back onto the cold dry steel platform, which he assumed to be a bed.  The confinement didn’t scare him.  The fear was more relative to the idea that his return to his family and the world that he had known so well and called home was threatened. He thought to himself that his Adanaut training has prepared him to overcome and address a multitude of situations, but he was feeling that he still genuinely lacks the experience needed to correctly assess his current dilemma.  Adam felt defeated and allowed a rush of suicidal tendencies to briefly invade his mind.  He quickly pushed those thoughts aside by replacing them in his mind with mental images of his family at home.  He remained hopeful that he would see them again soon, although he was having some serious doubts about that at this time.  


 Shortly after he sat a while and was able to re-collect his thoughts and pull himself together, a terrifying crimson colored giant with a single horn protruding out from the center of his skull unlocked the biometric door and entered the prison. Relatively small rust-colored beings were kept in tow.  Their complexion gave them a metallic appearance. The red-horned giant guided the rust-colored creatures toward Adam’s cell and opened it.  Adam was visibly shaken and disturbed by all four of their appearances.


The three minions grabbed Adam by his arms. He made a futile attempt to resist their grip as he also uselessly screamed in his mind, “Where are you taking me? What will you do to me?”  It was not apparent that they cared or were much concerned with his wellbeing.  He further thought, “are you going to kill me?”  One of the beings turned and widened a single eye, as if to acknowledge the concern but then quickly turned as they continued on their way.


The creatures behind the other locked doors were all focused on the Adanaut. It was clear from their facial expressions that they were also deeply concerned with the fate of the one being dragged before them. Would his fate befall them as well?  


Adam’s mind raced with terrifying thoughts as he was guided through another long corridor.  At the end of it, a huge metallic door opened as it exhaled a high-pitched hissing sound.  Adam was dragged into an enormous hall. Hanging from the ceiling was a giant probe that stood to the height of about 20 feet. The distance between the ceiling and the floor was at least 30 feet. The size of the hall gave an appearance that everyone walking inside was a miniature version of themselves in a seemingly endless universe.  


Adam was laid upon a cold metallic table after being stripped of his garments.  Quickly and systematically, a machine filled with liquid protruded from the floor and it sprayed Adam with a acrid smelling vapor that made all his limbs completely numb and rendered him paralyzed. A small extension protruded from within the probe and entered Adam’s mouth.  He could feel movement inside of his body and each of his extremities but could do nothing to stop the intrusion.  A second probe was then engaged by the red giant as a bright light shined down upon Adam. His entire body was being intricately inspected. He felt exposed in his nakedness in the open room which echoed each metallic sound of the instruments being utilized for the inspection.  His cold flesh pressed against the even colder steel table as he was poked and prodded inside and out, while being pinched as samples of his flesh and body fluids were indiscriminately removed without consent.  


As of right now, he was unaware of the motive of the aliens. Moreover, he didn’t know what they were capable of doing or what they intended to do in the short or long term. His best bet was to remain cooperative and quietly come up with a plan to escape from his predicament, when he had time to evaluate (assuming that time would come).

After the grueling processes and procedures, the same beings that led Adam to the chamber, led him back to his quarters.  When he returned to his temporary domicile, feeling violated in every way possible, Adam rethought the day’s events.  He was tormented but couldn’t cry, angered but couldn’t scream, terrified but couldn’t express it.  As he settled himself, he was curiously encouraged to know that hidden on his ship were 375 vials of key compounds, which were manufactured by the Adanauts for multiple purposes.   In his Adanaut training, he was taught complex chemical formulas that could facilitate and jump-start the conditions required to enable potentially inhabitable planets to sustain human life.  The compounds could also alter chemicals, elements, and atoms to produce different results in different stimuli, which would essentially be able to modify the overall human condition to adapt to unknown surroundings.  These safeguards were put in place in the event he couldn’t immediately return home.  The benefits were invaluable.  If he could only get back to the ship and recover them!


Adam also brought to the forefront of his mind that he possessed something even far more significant in the hidden bowels of the ship: 300 genesis antidotes. Just as the thought concluded in his gray matter, he heard those inaudible, overlapping voices speaking again in his mind.  “He said antidotes”, “have they finally been perfected?”, “do you think he really has them?”, “we have to get them”, “this can’t be real”…  All these combined voices invading his mind had him questioning his own sanity again.  He tried to shake the thoughts out of his thick walnut shaped head but they persisted.  He wondered to himself, “what is happening?”  A single voice answered, “a day of reckoning is at hand Adanaut”.  Adam felt goosebumps form on his weird green flesh as he became further confused and drained. Mentally and physically taxed, he quickly drifted to sleep…


These antidotes were not just a cure or remedy for a particular ailment, disease or affliction.  They were engineered by the Adanauts, over countless years of research, to configure, reverse, reconfigure and reshuffle the DNA of any living organism to enable it to change genetic sequencing to reform any being to a desired and pre-determined result.  It seemed as Adam’s inner-voices may have also been privy to this information.

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