The Genesis 

The story begins with Adam waking up on the final day of Adanaut Training. The year is 2034
and he resides in a northern suburb of Denver, Colorado. He is scheduled to complete a
mission, where he will be flying a spaceship beyond our solar system to dock with another
Adanaut ship to deliver molecular compounds that have been designed to propagate life. He is
having some anxiety about his mission but is able to holster that anxiety. He spends some
tender moments with his family and then is taken by his wife to the launch site.

The story goes into explaining some details about the history of the Adanauts and how
evidence suggests that the secret society quite possibly dates back to a more primitive period
of human evolution. Additional information is provided about the details and specifications of
the fields of expertise in which the Adanauts are trained. These fields include: interplanetary
military tactics, crowd control, general science, propulsion, chemistry, physics, rocketry,
weaponry, environmental science, and communications.

After arriving to the launchpad with his wife, they share an emotional goodbye as Adam is
escorted into the facility and prepared for his mission. He thinks about his family as he sits in
the ship and prepares it for lift off. All goes well with the launch and he is enroute to the
predetermined coordinates. Midway through the journey, things start going haywire and space
itself, collapses onto the ship. Adam loses time and his senses for a period then begins to
regain them as he sees the curvature of a planet appear. His ship is being pulled by the gravity
of the planet and he does what he can to conserve power. All power is lost and he begins to
plummet to the alien surface. His travels end in an abrupt crash, during which he sustains a
head injury.

Adam sees his own blood but it is not human blood. He inspects his fingers that are now
elongated and parrot green and he grows increasingly confused because of it and the
concussive blow he sustained during the crash. He staggers into and out of consciousness and
eventually makes out the silhouette of a being coming toward him and his wreckage. He’s
passed out and has no clue what is happening.

When he wakes, he is standing naked in a large empty room, where he conducts a self-
inspection and discovers that he is not himself. He sees his legs and manhood and they look
remarkably strange and his entire self is as green as his fingers. He is promptly clothed and
escorted by strange looking beings into a prison of sorts. While he is being escorted to his cell,
he catches a glimpse of his reflection and is mortified by what he sees. Along his journey down
the corridor, he hears murmurs and voices but they are not audible. They are in his mind. He
inspects the contents of the other cells he is led past and finds them filled with other strange
looking beings.

As he sits in his cell, he tries to collect his thoughts. He continues to hear voices of
encouragement in his mind as he tries to figure out what is happening and whether the voices
are real. He is then whisked away by several creatures to an incredibly large auditorium type
room. An inspection ensues and he is poked and prodded extensively after being paralyzed by
some sort of anesthetic mist. Samples of his flesh and body fluids are taken and then Adam is
escorted back to his cell.

While he is there, he thinks to himself about the compounds and antidotes left on the ship and
knows that if he can make his way back to it and recover them, he would be able to escape this
planet and get home. While he thinks about these antidotes and compounds, he hears the
voices again but this time, they are communicating to each other, seemingly intrigued by the
possibility that Adam has possession of the antidotes that somehow they appear to have
already known of. He is incredibly confused and before he passes out from the exhaustive day,
he wondered to himself, “what is happening?” A single voice answered, “a day of reckoning is
at hand Adanaut”. The prologue ends with Adam fast asleep.